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Cancer Doesn’t Mean Death

by Melissa Upham-Strickland 2013

  I want to bring up some natural remedies that can be used for healing cancer the natural way.  Of course there are no guarantees and you should always check with your Doctor first before adding any new treatments or therapies to your treatment plan.

  Cancer, like any other illness or disease out there can be overcome.  God has given us all the tools we need in the plant kingdom to overcome everything.  One of my favorites that I have been recommending since the early 90’s is Dr. Johanna Budwig’s Flaxseed Oil and Cottage Cheese both as a preventative and a remedy. Dr. Budwig was a German physician who cured 90% of her patients with cancer, no matter what stage it was in and kept it from recurring. Read about this at  As you can see, Flaxseed; the main ingredient in Dr. Budwig’s protocol has a high content of Vit B17.  

  Vitamin B17 has had a very high success rate in overcoming cancer.  Although the FDA, AMA and ACS continue to deny its healing properties, many people can account for its curing of their cancers. The problem is the FDA, ACS and Pharmaceutical industry don’t want you to know about them and end up banning or confiscating any evidence of such.  A boy who overcame his terminal cancer eating raw apricot seeds (high in Vit B17), Jason Vale was jailed by the FDA for selling them to cancer patients after his success.! Read his story at 60 Minutes did a story about him.

  Of course I am not a Doctor and any treatments should be discussed with a health care professional well versed in alternative treatments and monitored closely. B17 needs Zinc and Vit. C accompaniment to be assimilated properly in the body.

  In the phytochemical diet plans, people have been using fruit seeds (high in Vit B17) in their smoothies to overcome many chronic and terminal illnesses for decades, find out more about that in the book Conquering any Disease  and Smoothie Formulas by Jeff Primrack. I attended his 4 day workshop 6 years ago and found it full of helpful health insights.

    There are a lot of natural healing treatments out there you can utilize to overcome cancer.  This is just one possibility of hundreds.  Find out more about those in the book Cancer-Free by Bill Henderson and Dr. Garcia.  There are an enormous amount of resources in that book you can utilize to do further research and find out more about the FDA & ACS coverup!

    You have the ability to heal yourself!  You just have to be diligent, do your research, and remember your cancer did not appear overnight, neither will it disappear overnight.  Healing takes time, patience and a positive attitude.  Also know that after you start a treatment the first few tests may show higher levels of cancer markers in the blood stream due to your body shedding these toxins.  Don’t let that scare you into stopping your natural treatments until you have had several more.  Most health care professionals agree to give your body at least 6 weeks until there are noticeable changes. 

Sources of Amygdalin (vitamin B17)

The seeds of fruits are among the richest sources of B17

Apple very high B17 content                                           Apricot the richest source of B17

Cherry                                                                                    Nectarine

Peach                                                                                      Pear

Plum                                                                                       Prune

Papaya                                                                                    Orange

 Fruits also Contain High amounts of B17

Choke Cherry                                                                          Wild Crabapple

Lingon Berry                                                                           Elderberry

Cranberries                                                                             Currants

Gooseberries                                                                          Quince

Boysenberries                                                                        Huckleberries

Loganberries                                                                           Blackberries

Raspberries                                                                            Strawberries


 Wild berries contain more B17 than domestic berries.

In the seeds of Certain Grains

Millet very rich source                                                   Buckwheat very rich source

Flax                                                                                         Barley

Brown Rice


You will also find it in a number of beans as well

Fava                                                                                        Mung beans have the most B17

Lentils                                                                                      Lima

Garbanzo                                                                                 Kidney

Butter Beans                                                                           Garden Peas


It is also found in other plants, such as

Clover (make into Tea)                                                         Alfalfa Sprouts very high content

Wheat Grass contains the highest amounts!                               Bamboo Shoots

Squash seeds                                                                               Eucalyptus leaves (use in tea)

Cassava do not eat raw!                                                          Sorghum Cane Syrup


Also in these nuts

Cashews                                                                                 Macademia

Bitter Almonds                                                                         Pecans


More Cancer Centers and Doctors Encouraging the Use of Reiki

By Jack Bleeker

April 2010

With groups like the Society of Integrative Oncology, a multi-disciplinary organization of professionals, touting the advantages of complementary cancer treatment and recovery, new methodologies, including Reiki are gaining in popularity. More and more cancer centers and oncologists are beginning to recognize the benefits that these treatments – once dismissed with a snicker by those “in-the-know” – are providing for those who just don’t know where to turn to address issues like the pain and stress associated with cancer and its conventional treatments.

Complementary therapies - not to be confused with “alternative” therapies, which are unproven treatments – have gradually made their way to the forefront of cancer care as well-known oncologists who are lauded experts in their field begin to promote these supportive treatments as a natural part of cancer care. Even the National Institutes of Health operates a National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, researching complementary therapies and then recommending proven ones for integration into cancer programs nationwide, including those associated with mesothelioma cancer.

Lately, the ancient form of spiritual healing known as Reiki (pronounced Ray-kee) has earned plenty of attention as a potential complementary therapy for all kinds of cancer, including mesothelioma. Rooted in Tibetan Buddhism, Reiki was “rediscovered” in the early 20th century and became particularly popular in the late 1990s as Reiki Masters began to teach non-Buddhists that life energy flows through all persons, this technique strives to increase the life force energy of a sick individual, therefore helping him achieve better health and happiness.

Like many complementary therapies, Reiki takes a holistic approach – treating mind, body, and spirit – and is safe and natural. Many cancer patients who have tried it note an overall feeling of peace, relaxation, and well-being when the treatment is complete. Totally non-invasive, Reiki therapy involves the laying of hands on the fully-clothed patient by the Reiki practitioner. His/her hands travel through 12 different positions, staying in each place for about 5 minutes for a total of about an hour per treatment. The feeling of invigoration or tranquility results from the fact that Reiki causes the body's molecules to vibrate at a higher intensity, hence, dissolving energy blockages that lead to disharmony and disease, Reiki masters note. This assists in controlling pain, easing stress, or lessening side effects of traditional treatments like chemotherapy, including nausea and other debilitating problems for mesothelioma cancer patients. It is also believed to improve immune function.

With continuous positive reactions from many cancer patients, prestigious cancer centers like Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center offer Reiki classes for cancer patients, including Sloan Kettering mesothelioma patients on a regular basis as well as in-service classes for their hospital staff. Other well-known hospitals to jump on the Reiki bandwagon include Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, Columbia Presbyterian, the Yale Center, and Cancer Treatment Centers of America. The list continues to grow as patients use tools like the internet to advertise their positive reactions to this ancient healing art, enticing others to give it a try.


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